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Writer's Submission Guidelines

First, to put to rest one of the most commonly asked questions about submitting to Anhinga Press: We are not accepting ANY unsolicited submissions at this time. ("Unsolicited" means that we have not specifically invited you to submit a manuscript.) This includes sample poems as well as complete manuscripts.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript of poetry to us, please see the page of information about our contest, the Robert Dana-Anhinga Prize for Poetry.

The following information offers only general information about submitting poetry to us.

Anhinga Press publishes only full-length collections of poetry (usually 60-80 pages), no individual poems or chapbooks. There is no particular "type" or form that we are inherently prejudiced toward or against; we are looking for the best poetry out there.

However, for the sake of your peace of mind (and perhaps your sanity), you should do some homework first. Start by reading some of the poems from the books here on our Web site to see if your work is comparable in quality, and perhaps style, to some of the poetry we have published. Read the biographical and other notes about each poet, and compare that information with your own. We are probably not a press for beginners (in the sense of "never had any poetry published before," regardless of how long you may have been writing it), for subjects of local or limited interest, or for private and/or overly sentimental work.

You should know that the odds are not good. We usually publish three to four books a year:

To repeat the main point: no unsolicited submissions, please. We just cannot read them.

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