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The Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series

While editing Isle of Flowers: Poems by Florida's Individual Artist Fellows, we realized that there were more good poets in Florida than even we had suspected. Florida has a number of successful, well-known poets whose books line bookstore shelves; however, we were struck by the number of excellent poets who had yet to achieve national status. In the Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series, we want to publish poets who have worked hard on their craft and are in need of a push to get their poetry to a national audience.

During periods when we are reading, this is not a competition, there is no reading fee, and we have no guidelines or restrictions on who may submit a manuscript for the Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series, other than that the poet must be a current legal resident of Florida.

Our most recent selection

Current reading period details

We don't read for the Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series every year, or on any particular schedule otherwise; it depends on the Press's workload and available funding levels. In short, if you're interested in submitting for it you'll have to check back here at the site for submission dates. In general, note that manuscripts postmarked outside the current period (if any) will not be considered. The series is open to entries only from poets who are legal residents of Florida at the time of submission.

Past selections

Year Poet Title
1997 Silvia Curbelo The Secret History of Water
1999 Mia Leonin Braid
2000 James Brock nearly Florida
2001 Lola Haskins The Rim Benders
2004 Rhonda J. Nelson Musical Chair
2005 Donald Morrill With Your Back to Half the Day
2005 Philip F. Deaver How Men Pray
2006 Kelle Groom Luckily
2008 Mia Leonin Unraveling the Bed
2010 Michael Hettich Like Happiness
2010 Kelle Groom Five Kingdoms
2010 Sean Sexton Blood Writing
2012 Lola Haskins The Grace to Leave
2015 Silvia Curbelo Falling Landscape

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