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2007 AWP Conference

The 2007 conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Below are some photos of Anhinga poets and friends.

Sandy Longhorn signs a copy of Blood Almanac. (That's long-time Anhinga Press Board of Directors member Melanie Rawls Abrams at the right.)

Roxane Beth Johnson, author of Jubilee, chats with Chad Sweeney. (Anhinga Press Director Rick Campbell is in the right background.)

Patricia Waters discusses The Ordinary Sublime with a reader.

Earl Braggs signs a copy of In Which Language Do I Keep Silent for a former student.

Robert Dana shares some remarks at the close of AWP's tribute to his life and work.
[photo by Ingrid Wendt]

For transcripts of some of the
speakers' observations, see this page.


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